Attention: All East Coast Micro Customers as of March 1st, 2011 the 3916 Vero Rd location will no longer be open for normal business. All pick ups will be made at the Corporate location at 1201 Phico Rd Baltimore MD, 21237. We are sorry for any inconvenience that this may cause, so if we can assist in any reasonable deliveries please call your Sales rep and ask for details.  410-536-0600
As East Coast Micro moved into 2011 we have made some changes that will benefit us all. We now have two locations and have joined forces with Electronic Data which is a very strong full solution company in our industry. Nothing will change as far as East Coast Micro’s business model. We will continue to be the distributor as you know us to be and we will continue our loyalty to you all.
Moving forward we will be able to offer consulting for any of those tedious or complicated jobs that we have turned down over the past years, in other words never say NO to any potential job without calling us and checking the resources we may be able to offer to YOU.
We will be changing out hours at the 3916 Vero Rd., Baltimore location to 9am to 3pm. We will not be close to our Resellers who will need to pick up product after 3pm but we ask that you call the 410-536-0600 to let us know someone is coming after 3pm.
East Coast Micro’s PICK UP AREA will be in the front now instead of the back.
This is a good move for all of us so PLEASE if you have and questions or concerns. Please call me.
Tony Hampton