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We get all kind of questions about computers. And 9 out of 10 times it will have to do with the performances of the computer. Your not alone when you think your pc is running slower then it should. Games are slow the internet is slow and your asking is it time for a newer computer? Not necessarily!

We sell computers and we would like to sell everyone a new computer. Changes are if we sell you a new computer in 3 months you'll be in the same boat. If you surf the internet, get e-mail or download programs then you stand a change of getting uninvited programs as well.

We put together a little Q & A section to help you get your computer back on track. We also have a phone support line to walk you through your not so everyday problems. The phone support line is $35.00 per 1/4 hour (15 min) and can be charged to your credit card. In the mean time check out the Q & A's - there may be something that will help.

Most of the questions and answers will deal with home computers. If you have a server or network question and don't see an answer in our list try our support phone line. We'll try to add more questions & answers as we go.

Q. What is a firewall and do I need one?

A. A firewall can come as hardware or software, the most common is software and if you have Windows XP or Vista it comes with a firewall application. Do you need one? No. BUT without one you stand a good change of getting uninvited programs (Mal-ware, Virus and even Hackers).

Q. I have Windows XP but I would like to add a different firewall program. Can you suggest any?

A. There are a lot of choices and some may depend on the use of your computer. If you are in an office on a network you should check with your network administrator before adding a firewall. But for home use the one I'm familiar with is Zone Alarm. You can download the free copy and if you need a little more they have one with more you can buy.

Q. My computer is running slow and it takes along time to pull up web sites. Is there something I can do to make it faster?

A. There are a lot of simple things you can do.

1) Open Internet Explorer, Tools, Internet Options, General Tab, go to browser history and click the Delete button. Now pick Temporary Internet Files - Delete, then do the Cookies - Delete. Close - OK.

2) It may be time to Defrag your hard drive. To run defrag go to Start, My Computer, and right click on the image of the C: drive. Properties then Tools, then Pick the Defragment Now. When running Defrag it can run for 1, 2 or even 3 hours depending on the size of your drive and how much is stored on it.

Q. I hear it's not good to keep your computer on all the time, why?

A. If you use a broadband connection (cable, DSL) your computer is connected to the Internet all the time. This can let hackers work all night long on taking over your computer. It's also unnecessary wear on your pc. Not to mention what it is doing to the environment.

Don't forget to call ECM to help you find the right answer to your computer problems. The phone support line is $35.00 per 1/4 hour (15 min) and can be charged to your credit card.  410-536-0600


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